upgrades online commenting system | upgrades online commenting system

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Readers of will see a new system for comments starting June 25.

In addition to being more stable, the new commenting system allows for some interesting options:

1. Users can now block other users’ comments. The blocked comments remain visible to everyone but the user who chose to block. Got a comment nemesis whose opinion you’re tired of reading? Block them!

2. Users can now vote up or down a comment. This replaces our “recommend” feature.

3. Users can now reply directly to a specific comment, which allows for side conversations outside of the main comment thread. Replies are indented below the comment to which you’re replying.

4. Comments can be shared on social sites like Facebook, e-mailed to friends and are now given a direct link.

The Sky-Hi News online team has tested the changes extensively, but, as with all new releases, bugs may arise in the live environment. Before reporting a bug, please clear your browser’s cache and restart the browser. If the bug persists, please report it to

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