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Marina Koepke
Forever Young

I get home from school and sit down and what’s the first thing I do? Log onto the infamous time-consuming site, Facebook.

First things first, update status: ‘Marina Koepke home from school! :).’

Check. Peruse the news feed for any juicy gossip. Check. Stalk the new hottie three lockers down from mine. Check.

Three hours later….

“I should probably start my homework.”

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Since the invention of the internet, research communicating and countless other things have been made so much easier. But one of the booming ideas to set foot in the world wide web is social networking.

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other sites such as these have drawn hundreds of millions of people all over the world in the snares of creating a virtual pamphlet about yourself for the world to see.

What’s the appeal? Possibly because it is easier to communicate and stay involved with friend’s and family’s lives that you may not necessarily get to see very often.

These social networking sites also allow for an easy way to share information. You can share pictures from your latest vacation, or a funny article you may find, and, if you want to really expose yourself, you can even share “what’s on your mind.”

Just as with everything else in the world, there are pros and cons to this avant-garde idea of a “virtual you.” It seems to consume a large percentage of our time (particularly teens). The addiction of these sites cause kids to spend more time on the internet rather than studying or doing other school work. Which in turn causes grades to drop.

But, these sites allow for better communication and sharing of exciting events in your life with friends and family. They are also ideal for planning events. Instantaneously you can invite hundreds of people to an event and send out information about it.

This phenomenon of social networking has set the ball rolling for a big bang of virtual socializing for our future. As each day goes by it is reshaping our lives and the way we live them.

Is it for the great or good? That depends; it all boils down to the individual’s preference.

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