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‘Socialits’ would have to include backers of the Bush administration

To the Editor:

I would like to respond to Ed Saltzman’s recent Letter To The Editor. He states that “Obama is an arrogant fool who ignores history and is bound to repeat it.” I’ll recognize his right to say that just as I hope he recognizes my right to say that Bush was an ignorant fool who probably flunked history and as a result had no clue as to whether he was repeating it or not.

Mr. Saltzman also states that every time I read one of Felicia Muftic’s left wing columns, I cringe.” I feel his pain ” For some time now, I have had to down several Alka Seltzers to keep from getting sick before attempting to read William Hamilton’s right-wing screed. (But I do read his column every week.) Actually, I commend the editors of the Sky-Hi Daily News for publishing both columns so that their readers can have access to opposing views on the issues of the day and can make their own informed decisions.

I would like to comment on one particularly confusing quote in Mr. Saltzman’s letter where he says, “If the socialists take over, Ms. Muftic will just be another little gray person standing in line with her hand out.” I wonder if Mr. Saltzman means in the same way that the socialistic Bush Administration gave $750 billion in taxpayer dollars in corporate welfare payments to the little gray bankers who stood in line begging Congress with their hands out.

One last thing ” To all of the “little gray people” of Grand County: If you are intelligent, compassionate, courageous and dedicated to making this life a little better for your kids and grandkids, then you share the same characteristics of “just another little gray person” who lives here in Grand County ” Felicia Muftic. As for me, I am honored to call her my friend.

Rick Callahan


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