Some Grand County liquor stores see brisk Sunday business |

Some Grand County liquor stores see brisk Sunday business


Byron Hetzler/Sky-Hi Daily News

When Granbys R & J Liquor employees opened their doors for the first time on a Sunday, they had a hard time closing them.We tried closing at 5 p.m., said Bob Anderson, R & J Liquor owner, (but) got out of here close to 6 p.m.July 6 was the first Sunday that Colorado liquor stores could open, joining 34 other states in selling beer, liquor and wine at retail stores, according to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States . Colorado law previously banned liquor sales to reserve Sunday as a day of worship.Winter Parks Plaza Liquors owner Carole Jahn credited the Fourth of July weekend for why the store received so much business last Sunday. In addition, Some of them just showed up because they could, she added. We were really busy, said Ken Jensen, owner of Grand Lake Wine & Spirits. A lot of people came in and said, Ive lived in Colorado my whole life. I dont really need anything; I just want to come on the first Sunday and buy something. The day was as busy as a normal weekday but not as busy as a weekend night, he said. Employees at OAces Liquor in Kremmling credit slow liquor sales from people being partied out from the holiday weekend. Sunday wasnt very good, said OAces employee Heather Covington. It was pretty slow most of the day.She said people arent used to the store being open on Sunday yet and that they might have been resting from the weekend.However, the liquor store may extend its hours from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. this weekend. I think it will be better next weekend, Covington added. Chris Popovich, owner of Mackinaw Bar & Grill on Lake Granby, said the liquor store sales could potentially impact his clientele. We didnt notice too much of a difference this weekend, he said. So far it hasnt really affected business. I would expect to see the same faces throughout the summer for sure. Some Grand County residents arent in favor of the stores staying open.Sundays not a day for having liquor stores open, said Gary Johnson, 59, of Granby. Mike Guertner, 55, of Grand Lake concurs.I personally dont think its necessary, he said. I think they need a day of rest. Anderson said R & J Liquor will not open until after church. Were trying to be a little respectful, he said.The liquor store plans to stay open an extra hour this weekend, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. to meet the demand of customers. The business was definitely there, Anderson added.Tourists also thanked him for being open and for the convenience, he said.Is it worth hiring an extra person for the extra shift? To me it is, he answered.