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Bowling Results

Standings as of Nov. 5TeamWLBowling Bags2610Sparemades2016Lucky Strikers1323Team C.I.1323High scoring bowlers:High Game (Scratch) – Terry Pratt 186High Game (Handicap) – Terry Fisher 220High Series (Scratch) – Terry Pratt 514High Series (Handicap) – Francie de Vos 634

Standings as of Nov. 6TeamWinsLossesTed’s Team2511BSA2313M3T’s22.513.5Rollin’ Crap(s)2214Knox ‘Em Down2115Hole In One1323Gutterz1022Great 8’s7.524.5High scoring bowlers:High Game (Scratch) – Men: Mike O’Neil,197; Ladies: Terry Pratt, 228High Game (Handicap) – Men: Ike Knox, 241; Ladies: Terry Pratt, 251High Series (Scratch) – Men: Mike O’NeiL, 536; Ladies: Terry Pratt, 541High Series (Handicap) – Men: Ike Knox, 629; Ladies: Yvonne Knox, 643

Standings as of Nov. 3TeamWLThe Rollers186Diamonds in the Ruff1410Just Sizzlin’13.510.5Ace Plumbing1212Grand Balls of Fire11.512.5Up Your Alley1113The Bald & The Beautiful816Boardwalkers816High scoring bowlersMenWomenHigh Scratch GameBill Tomasek – 201Molly Anderson – 192High Handicap GameBobby Blea – 242Suzi Maki – 249High Scratch SeriesTracy Temple – 514Molly Anderson – 494High Handicap SeriesBobby Blea – 643Suzi Maki – 679

Standings as of Oct. 28TeamWLHeckerts Cleaners186Five1864 Aces168Drink, Pillage & Plunder159Gear Jammers1311Alpine Taxidermy915Tens Products717High scoring bowlers:High Scratch Game, Ike Harms – 226High Handicap Game, Dustin Entz – 246High Scratch Series, Ryan Curran – 599High Handicap Series, Glen Simerson – 660

Team standings:TeamWLFallen Angels297Just Us2412Striking 42115The D Team2016Stump & Dump18.018Plumb Bobs1620Lane Hoppers1620Ghost0.00.0High scoring bowlers:High Game (Scratch) – Teena Lorenz, 207High Game (Handicap) – Denice Archuleta, 630High Series (Scratch) – Linda Robben, 496High Series (Handicap) – Teena Lorenz, 248