Bowling Results- Las Vegas League |

Bowling Results- Las Vegas League

Las Vegas LeagueStandings as of Oct. 27:TeamWLThe Rollers14 6Just Sizzlin’12.5 7.5Diamonds in the Ruff128Grand Balls of Fire11.58.5Ace Plumbing911Up Your Alley91Bald & Beautiful812Boardwalkers416High scoring bowlers, Oct. 27:High Scratch Game: Dan Ruffin – 193, Sally Blea – 188High Handicap Game: Bret Douglas – 255, Sally Blea – 247High Scratch Series: Dan Ruffin – 499, Sally Blea – 483High Handicap Series: Bret Douglas – 675, Sally Blea & Robin Renfroe – 660Wednesday Night Men’s LeagueStandings as of Oct. 28:TeamWLHeckerts Cleaners155Drink, Pillage & Plunder146Five1464 Aces137Gear Jammers1010Alpine Taxidermy812Tens Products614High scoring bowlers, Oct. 28High Scratch Game: Ike Harms – 228High Handicap Game: Dustin Entz – 265High Scratch Series: Ike Harms – 626High Handicap Series: Justin Frank – 701Monday Night Louie’s Ladies LeagueTeam Standings:TeamWLFallen Angels244Just Us21.07Striking 41612Lane Hoppers1414The D Team1315Stump & Dump1216Plumb Bobs1216Ghost00High scoring bowlersHigh Game (Scratch): Kim Hart – 211High Game (Handicap): Kim Hart – 257High Series (Scratch): Rosemarie McGinley – 493High Series (Handicap): Rosemarie McGinley – 631