Grand County bowling league standings |

Grand County bowling league standings

Lady Bugs LeagueStandings as of Jan. 21TeamWLBowling Bags47.520.5Sparemades34.533.5Team C.I.2840Lucky Strikers2642High Game (Scratch) – Fran Dall 166High Game (Handicap) – Fran Dall 230High Series (Scratch) – Cindy Thompson 427High Series (Handicap) – Fran Dall 584 Friday Nite MixersStandings as of Jan. 22TeamWLRollin’ Crap(s)44.523.5Ted’s Team4424BSA4127M3T’s36.527.5Knox ‘Em Down3632Hole In One28.539.5Gutterz2638Great 8’s15.548.5 High Game (Scratch) – Steve Hickox, 189; Becky Allison, 190High Game (Handicap) – Steve Hickox, 244; Becky Allison, 235High Series (Scratch) – Steve Hickox, 512; Teena Lorenz, 483High Series (Handicap) – Steve Hickox 677; Francie de Vos, 605Las Vegas LeagueStandings as of Jan. 19TeamWLAce Plumbing3826The Rollers33.530.5Up Your Alley3331Diamonds in the Ruff3331The Bald & the Beautiful31.532.5Boardwalkers3133Grand Balls of Fire29.534.5Just Sizzlin’25.538.5High Scratch Game – Tracy Temple 212; Kathy Burke, 201High Handicap Game – Bobby Blea, 261; Ann Palen, 235High Scratch Series – Garey Sutherby, 573; Kathy Burke, 491High Handicap Series – Garey Sutherby, 681; Sally Blea, 633Wednesday Night Men’s LeagueStandings as of Jan. 20TeamWL4 Aces3917Heckerts Cleaners3620Gear Jammers3323Five3323Drink, Pillage, & Plunder3125Tens Products2927Alpine Taxidermy2036High Scratch Game – Barry Smith – 277High Handicap Game – Barry Smith – 307High Scratch Series – Barry Smith – 703High Handicap Series – Barry Smith – 790Monday Night Louie’s Ladies LeagueTeam StandingsTeamWLFallen Angels5719Striking 45521Just Us4234The D Team4036Lane Hoppers3937Plumb Bobs3739Stump & Dump3442Ghost0.0 0.0High Game (Scratch) – Teena Lorenz, 192High Game (Handicap) – Sue James, 235High Series (Scratch) – Teena Lorenz 499High Series (Handicap) – Jean Peoples, 630