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Pole Creek Ladies Golf

On Thursday July 17, the Pole Creek Ladies golf league played a "Synchronized Swimming" tournament. Scores were totaled on only the seven water holes. The winners were: 1st Place Low Gross Deb Kohlwey; 2nd Place (tie) Stephanie Basey, Linda Moore; 3rd Place (tie) Julie Richards, Betty Williams; Low Net 1st Place (tie) Lori Myers, Helen Brown; 2nd Place (tie) Pam Brown, Cathy Malone; 3rd Place (tie) Sue Brooks, Julie Sawyer, Maggy Helm.

Betty Williams and Pam Brown had the fewest putts with 31 each, and Kate LaBelle won the chip in pot.

On Thursday June 19, the Pole Creek Ladies golf league enjoyed a cool,windy ,sunny day of golf. They played a "No Foolin Day" Game. At the end of their 18 hole round of golf they subtracted par 72 from their total score. The winners were: 1st Place (tie) Pat Wischmann 14, Deb Kohlwey 14; 2nd Place Diane Bishop 18; 3rd Place Julie Richards 22. The chip in and low putt pot were split among 10 women. Congratulations to all.