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Swimming Grand Lake: only the hearty need apply

Kristen Lodge / Outdoor Adventures
Grand County, Colorado

Jennifer Neumann swims in Meadow Creek Reservoir with a group of friends preparing for the Open Water Swim in Grand Lake on Saturday, Aug. 15. The swim across the reservoir is .3 miles, a bit shorter than the Grand Lake swim; however, it helps her get used to the temperature, a mere 60 degrees.

She is also organizing and promoting the event. Jennifer has been swimming most her life, and now that she lives in Grand County, she can be found most mornings at the YMCA swimming laps.

Jennifer is on the board of directors of the Grand County Hospice. The hospice will benefit from all of her hard work. She already has 50 registered swimmers and is hoping for 50 more. It will take some brave souls to get out there.

Grand Lake is going to be cold; most likely around 65 degrees on Saturday.

This is the first open swim in Grand Lake. It is unusual events such as this one that are important for the county; it will bring people into the valley and challenge locals.

Now the county needs a triathlon or marathon. I’ve been thinking about how this would work. The triathlon starts with an open water swim in Grand Lake. Competitors then bike from downtown Grand Lake on Highway 34 to Granby. The last leg is a run on the Fraser to Granby Trail ending in Fraser.

The perfect Grand County Marathon could start at Winter Park Resort and end at SolVista Basin’s base area; an all downhill marathon, a resort-to-resort marathon – I’d run that.

We are a tough bunch, those of us who choose to live in Grand County. We swim in cold lakes, bike in the wind, and hike through summer snow storms. I hope to see you in the water at Grand Lake on Saturday.

– For more information on the Open Water Swim visit http://www.grandcountyhospice.org