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4-H Dog and 4-H Cat Show results, Middle Park Fair and Rodeo

Sky-Hi News Staff Report

The first results coming in from the Middle Park Fair and Rodeo.

Saturday, August 6

4-H Cat Show results

Crate Decorating

Taylah French – 1st and Grand, Elisabeth Corcoran – 2nd and Reserve Grand

Cat Showmanship

Elisabeth Corcoran (with cat named Mittens) –Grand, Taylah French (with cat named Isabell) –Reserve Grand, Elisabeth Corcoran (with cat named Midnight) 3rd

4-H Dog show results


Senior Open Showmanship

Caitlin Belcher – 1st

Int. Novice Showmanship

Dustin Beason – 1st, Caleb Artherholt – 2nd

Int. Open Showmanship

Shiloh French – 1st, Gracean Hoesli – 2nd

Junior Novice Showmanship

Ashlyn Eisenman – 1st, Wendy Eller – 2nd, AshLynn Shotkoski – 3rd, Lily Butler – 4th

Dog Obedience

Beginner Novice A

Ashlyn Eisenman – 1st, Elisabeth Corcoran – 2nd, Dustin Beason – 3rd, Shiloh French – 4th, Wendy Eller – 5th

Dog Obedience

Beginner Novice B

Caitlin Belcher – 1st

Beginner Novice C

Gracean Hoesli – 1st

Overall Grand and Reserve Grand


Elisabeth Corcoran – Grand

Ashlyn Eisenman – Reserve Grand


Dustin Beason – Grand

Shiloh French – Reserve Grand


Caitlin Belcher – Grand

Rally Obedience

Rally Novice A

Elisabeth Corcoran – 1st, Dustin Beason – 2nd, Caitlin Belcher – 3rd ,Gracean Hoesli – 4th, Ashlyn Eisenman – 5th

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