Bowling league results |

Bowling league results

Courtesy of Motor

Tuesday Night Mens

Scratch series: Phil Giebel 720

Scratch game: Jeff Phelps 268

Handicap series: Mike Brannigan 737

Handicap game: Charlie Brown 283

My Spare Lady

Scratch game: Heidi Ross 237 (Clean game)

Scratch series: Heidi Ross 605 (600 Series)

Handicap game: Heidi Ross 249

Handicap series: Jill Suffin 665

Sunday Mixed League

Scratch game: Chris Baer 224, Heidi Ross 216

Scratch series: Chris Baer 646, Heidi Ross 593

Handicap game: Ian Lawler 233, Ann Baer 239

Handicap series: Chris Baer 646, Ann Baer 664

Clean game: Ryan Eastin 217, Jack Horn 179

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