Bowling league standings, Grand Lake Lanes |

Bowling league standings, Grand Lake Lanes

Las Vegas LeagueThe Rollers pinned down the top position during Las Vegas League play at Grand Lake Lanes.Jimmy Peterson struck gold on the lanes earning the scratch game (210), handicap game (255), scratch series (524) and handicap series (659). Kathy Burke took the high scratch game and series with 222 and 576 points respectively. Theresa Powell had 252 points for the handicap game, and Micki May had 659 points earning her the high handicap series. Results for week No. 19 of 24 for the season are as follows:TeamWLThe Rollers4828Diamonds in the Ruff4630Bear it All4333It Happens SHH39.536.5Just Sizzlin3838Up Your Alley3244Grand Lake Lanes28.547.5Ace Plumbing2848Mens LeagueAfter games for the Mens League at Grand Lake Lanes, Alpine Taxidermy packed in first place, with proprietor Barry Smith rolling into the top spots for high scratch game (274), high handicap game (295), high scratch series (671) and high handicap series (734).League standings as of games Feb. 11, week 16 of 24 are as follows:TeamWLAlpine Taxidermy40.523.5Heckerts Cleaners3826Power World37.526.5Grumpys Old Men3331BAll Nite Long3232Drink, Pillage & Plunder2717Team 52341Gapers0.36.

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