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Bowling results

Grand County, CO Colorado

Week #6: Lady Bugs League-October 11, 2012TeamWinsLosses1. Bowling Bags1682. Team #413113. Consistently Inconsistent13114. Java Gurus13115. Sparemades9156. Fallen Balls816High Game (Scratch)Lynne Daniel 190High Game (Handicap)Lynne Daniel 237High Series (Scratch)Lynne Daniel 490High Series (Handicap)Lynne Daniel 631Foundry LeagueWeek #6: Holy Rollers League-october 14, 2012TeamWinsLosses1. Just Us1682. F.O.D.’s1593. Alley Gators1554. ATB1195. O2 & M10146. Bob Sagat Appreciation Society519High Game (Scratch)Men: Jon de Vos 198 Women: Christy Horn 204High Game (Handicap)Men: Jon de Vos 255 Women: Autumn Fisher 225High Series (Scratch)Men: Mike O’Neil 530 Women: Christy Horn 558High Series (Handicap)Men: Jon de Vos 667 Women: Autumn Fisher 643 Monday Night Louie’s Ladies10/15/12Week #6TeamWLJust Us177D Team168Who Gives a Split13.510.5McDonald’s1113Strike Me a Spare1113Plumb Bobs3.520.5High Game Scratch- Kim Hart 187High Game Handicap- Kim Hart 250High Series Sratch- Kim Hart 479High Series Handicap- Kim Hart 668Monday Night Loiue’s Ladies10/08/12Wk#5TeamWLJust Us146D Team137Who Gives a Split12.57.5McDonald’s1010Strike Me a Spare812Plumb Bobs2.517.5High Game Scratch- Theresa Powell 178High Game Handicap- Theresa Powell 225High Series Scratch- Autumn Fisher 480High Series Handicap- Autumn Fisher 618Tuesday Las Vegas League – 10/16/12 MenWomenHigh Scratch GameBobby Blea – 187Sue Tomasek – 186High Handicap GameKenneth Clark – 237Sue Tomasek – 245High Scratch SeriesGarey Sutherby – 488Sue Tomasek – 501High Handicap SeriesKenneth Clark – 654Sue Tomasek – 678@Standings:Team Name wins losses1 Diamonds in the Ruff 9 3 2 Who Gives a S*** 8 43 Acme Gutter Rats 7 54 Spare Parts 7 55 Team 4 7 56 We’re Back Again 5 77 Crawl with Dignity 4 88 Ace Plumbing 1 11Wednesday Night Men’s League – 10/17/12MenHigh Scratch GameIke Harms – 232High Handicap GameIke Harms and Patrick Barnes – 257High Scratch SeriesIke Harms – 603High Handicap SeriesIke Harms – 678Standings:Team Name wins losses1 Alpine Jammers 9 32 Be Back Next Week 8 43 Gutter Boys 5 74 Rock-He’s 2 10

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