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Bowling Scores

Foundry LeagueWeek #17: Holy Rollers League -Jan. 13TeamWinsLosses1. Alley Gators44242. Just Us40283. F.O.D.’s37.530.54. ATB31375. O2 & M29396. Bob Sagat Appreciation Society22.545.5High Game (Scratch)Men: Chris Baer 214 Women: Christy Horn 232High Game (Handicap)Men: Dave Lorenz 249 Women: Katie Block 256High Series (Scratch)Men: Mike O’Neil 572 Women: Christy Horn 586High Series (Handicap)Men: Bradley Harpin 661 Women: Christy Horn 625Week #16: Holy Rollers League – Jan. 61. Alley Gators44202. Just Us37273. F.O.D.’s34.529.54. ATB30345. O2 & M28366. Bob Sagat Appreciation Society18.545.5High Game (Scratch)Men: Jason Funk 233 Women: Christy Horn 203High Game (Handicap)Men: Jason Funk 267 Women: Francie de Vos 221High Series (Scratch)Men: Mike O’Neil 559 Women: Christy Horn 560High Series (Handicap)Men: Jason Funk 632 Women: Christy Horn 602Week #16: Lady Bug League – Jan. 101. Sparemades37.56.5 2. Bowling Bags37273. Java Gurus36284. Fallen Balls33.530.5 5. Team 4 What30346. Consistently Inconsistent1846High Game (Scratch) Terry Pratt 193High Game (Handicap) Terry Pratt 232High Series (Scratch) Lynne Daniel 484High Series (Handicap) Betts Spellerberg 627Monday Night Louie’s LadiesWeek #16 Jan. 7Strike Me a Spare4222Who Gives a Split40.523.5Just Us3826D Team30.533.5Plumb Bob’s20.543.5McDonalds20.543.5High Game Scratch-Krys Boy 178High Game Handicap-Sandy Baker 238High Series Scratch- Krys Boy 432High Series Handicap-Sandy Baker 601

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