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Bowling scores

Holy Rollers, Jan. 27TeamWLJust Us4729Alley Gators4531F.O.D.’s4432ATB3739O2 & M31 45Bob Sagat Appreciation Society2452High Game (Scratch): Chris Baer, 212; Motor, 171High Game (Handicap): Chris Baer, 213; Motor, 220 and Monique Iannuzzi, 220High Series (Scratch): Chris Baer, 583; Teena Lorenz, 470High Series (Handicap): Tom Mason, 615; Monique Iannuzzi 606Lady Bugs, Jan. 24TeamWLBowling Bags4230Sparemades40.531.5 Fallen Balls38.533.5Java Gurus3834Team 4 What3735Consistently Inconsistent2052High Game (Scratch): Linda Robben, 164High Game (Handicap): Debbie Reichert, 217High Series (Scratch): Lynne Daniel, 467High Series (Handicap): Cyndi Snider, 610Louie’s Ladies, JAN. 21TeamWLWho Gives a Split47.524.5Strike Me a Spare4725Just Us3933D Team34.537.5McDonald’s24.547.5Plumb Bobs23.548.5High Game Scratch – Lisa Jonas, 189High Game Handicap – Lisa Jonas, 245High Series Scratch – Linda Robben, 477High Series Handicap – Linda Robben, 645Las Vegas League, Jan. 22TeamWLWho Gives a S***3624 Diamonds in the Ruff3525We’re Back Again33.526.5Acme Gutter Rats3228Spare Parts3030Crawl with Dignity2634Pin Action24.535.5Ace Plumbing2337High Scratch Game: TJ Humble – 245; Melissa Humble – 202High Handicap Game: TJ Humble – 281; Melissa Humble – 252High Scratch Series: TJ Humble – 620; Melissa Humble – 468High Handicap Series: TJ Humble – 728; Suzi Maki – 635Wednesday NightMen’s League, Jan. 23High Scratch Game: Pete Woronovitch – 214High Handicap Game: Pete Woronovitch – 250High Scratch Series: Pete Woronovitch – 548High Handicap Series: Pete Woronovitch – 656

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