Bowling scores: Sept. 14 – 27 |

Bowling scores: Sept. 14 – 27

Week #4: Lady Bugs League-September 27, 2012TeamWinsLosses1. Bowling Bags1422. Consistently Inconsistent1063. Sparemades884. Team #46105. Fallen Balls5116. Java Gurus511High Game (Scratch)Terry Pratt196High Game (Handicap)Terry Pratt240High Series (Scratch)Terry Pratt460High Series (Handicap)Francie de Vos613FOUNDRY LEAGUEWeek #1: HOLY ROLLERS League-September 9, 2012TeamWinsLosses1. Alley Gators312. Just Us313. F.O.D.’s224. O2 & M225 ATB136. Bob Sagat Appreciation Society13High Game (Scratch)Men: Randy Hoover 234Women: Terry Pratt 203High Game (Handicap)Men: Randy Hoover 237Women: Terry Pratt 230High Series (Scratch)Men: Chris Baer 596Women: Christy Horn 528High Series (Handicap)Men: Chris Baer 599Women: Christy Horn 585FOUNDRY LEAGUEWeek #2: HOLY ROLLERS League-September 16, 2012TeamWinsLosses1. Just Us622. O2 & M533. Alley Gators444. ATB445 F.O.D.’s356. Bob Sagat Appreciation Society26High Game (Scratch)Men: Chris Baer 235Women: Teena Lorenz 212High Game (Handicap)Men: Adam Germany 246Women: Teena Lorenz 252High Series (Scratch)Men: Chris Baer 580Women: Teena Lorenz 562High Series (Handicap)Men: Adam Germany 593Women: Teena Lorenz 682FOUNDRY LEAGUEWeek #3: HOLY ROLLERS League-September 23, 2012 TeamWinsLosses1. Just Us932. Alley Gators843. ATB754. O2 & M575. F.O.D.’s486. Bob Sagat Appreciation Society39High Game (Scratch)Men: Randy Hoover 214Women: Christy Horn 186High Game (Handicap)Men: Jonothan Atzman 234Women: Ann Baer 214High Series (Scratch)Men: Randy Hoover 592Women: Christy Horn 543High Series (Handicap)Men: Randy Hoover 619Women: Christy Horn 615FOUNDRY LEAGUEWeek #4: HOLY ROLLERS League-September 30, 2012 TeamWinsLosses1. Alley Gators1242. Just Us1243. F.O.D.’s794. ATB755. O2 & M6106. Bob Sagat Appreciation Society412High Game (Scratch)Men: Randy Hoover 194Women: Christy Horn 224High Game (Handicap)Men: Mike O’Neil 225Women: Christy Horn 245High Series (Scratch)Men: Randy Hoover 515Women: Christy Horn 555High Series (Handicap)Men: Mike O’Neil 614Women: Christy Horn 618Monday Night Louie’s Ladies 9/14/12Wk #3TeamWinLossD Team84Strike Me a Spare75Just Us75Who Gives a Split66McDonald’s66Plumb Bob’s210High Game Scratch- Lisa Jonas 170High Game Handicap- Pat Vigil 227High Series Scratch- Theresa Powell 437High Series Handicap-Marge Dowell 618

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