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Elementary students receive Nordic skis

Fraser Valley Elementary School students Nordic ski on their new track.
Photo courtesy of Lynn Burrows |

Fraser Valley elementary School students got a special surprise last week when they received Nordic skis available for to use during physical education class.

Lynn Burrows, Physical Education Teacher for Fraser Valley Elementary School and Jessica Jortberg of the Winter Park Competition Center worked together to write a grant to the United States Ski Association for a program called Nordic Rocks.

Through the grant the school received 30 pairs of Nordic skis.

Burrows said many students experienced their first time on skis during class.

A track was created at the school for the children to practice their Nordic skills. Jeremy Straley of Mountain States Snowcats donated his time and supplies to groom the new track.

“We are so excited about what Lynn is doing for the students in Fraser and appreciate her vision of teaching students the art of cross country skiing both in the physical education classroom and outside of it,” Straley said.

“We will be donating our grooming of the trail for the remainder of the season because we believe creating pristine trails for students to learn on is important.”

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