Fitness Trends and Cutting Edge Research |

Fitness Trends and Cutting Edge Research

Last week I shared some of the content of a lecture I attended at the 2008 IDEA Health and Fitness Conference presented by Len Kravtiz, PhD. The content included information regarding glycemic index, strategies for improving fat metabolism during exercise and the concept of exercise after-burn or EPOC.

Dr. Kravitz also recommended the following seven specific training methods which, if consistently performed, can have a positive effect on fat metabolism and caloric expenditure. All of these methods will also enhance your cardiovascular endurance.

– Tempo Training ” continuous aerobic exercise at (14-17 RPE*) for 30-60 minutes.

– Metabolic Base Training ” the same as above but at a moderate level of intensity (11-14 RPE*) for 60-80 minutes.

– Split Training ” two to four high-intensity exercise bouts each lasting approximately 15 to 20 minutes at (14-17 RPE*). These bouts are separated by five minutes of active recovery (i.e. not rest, just pay back your oxygen debt) and try performing this type of training with different modes of exercise (cycle, run, walk, swim, etc.).

– Interval Training ” alternating three-minute bouts of low intensity training (10-11RPE*) with three-minute bouts of higher intensity training (16-18RPE*) for 30-60 minutes.

– Supramaximal Interval Training “15-20 supramaximal exercise bouts (all out sprints where you become completely winded) for one minute followed by two to five minutes of active recovery. Make certain you have recovered adequately enough to perform the next all out sprint.

– NEW Circuit Training ” performing leg press, bench press, lat pull, arm curl, seated press, triceps push-down, upright row, leg extension, seated row with one second out and one second in tempo; only two-five seconds rest between sets, and 10 repetitions per exercise completing five circuits. Choose a weight increment that will enable you to achieve this sequence and tempo (i.e. Dr. Kravitz recommends 40 percent of your one repetition maximum {1RM*}).

– Fartlek PLUS Training ” Fartlek is a Swedish word for speed play. Consequently, perform slow, medium and fast speed training using different distances and try different modes of exercise for 30-60 minutes. Because the intervals are random, this type of training can be great fun and a great break from more regimented training.

*Explanations of some of the terms mentioned above:

RPE – Ratings of Perceived Exertion

– This is a scale which was developed by Borg, an Emeritus Professor at Stockholm University.

– This scale enables a person to rate their perceived exertion levels during exercise.

– The scale is from 6-20 with a level 6 being no exertion at all, an 11 being light

exertion, a 15 being hard (heavy) and a 20 being maximal exertion or exhaustion.

One Repetition Maximum

– When testing for muscular strength levels, fitness professionals determine the maximum a client can lift or press in one repetition.

– Once this is determined, based upon the goals of that client, they will be asked to work at a specific percentage of that one repetition maximum.

– Generally, the higher the percentage of their 1RM that one works, as long as this can be accomplished safely, more emphasis is placed on muscular strength.

– The lower the percentage of the 1RM, tends to place the emphasis more on muscular endurance.

Next week, learn how to choose the right exercise DVD to suit your needs.

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