Golf league results |

Golf league results

Sky-Hi News Staff Report

Nifty Niners

The game of the week was “Minus 3,4,5” and the winners were as follows: Jacque Davis 1st Place, Jennie Negri 2nd., Deb Sisung 3rd., and April Hilton, Nancy Long, and Vicki Nessan all tied for 4th. place. Jacque Davis and Nancy Smith each had a par, and Vicki Nessan won the putt pot with an awesome score of 14.

Pole Creek Ladies

On Thursday June 30 the Pole Creek Ladies golf league enjoyed a cool, crisp day playing a “T&F Low Net “ tournament. The Ladies recorded their Net scores from the holes that started with T or F and then subtracted 1/2 of their handicap. The Low Net winners were: 1st Place Sue Brooks 21.5, 2nd Place Andrea Singleton 22.5, 3rd Place Mary Brooks 25.5. Jeanne Anne MacDonald, Susie Masterson and Katie Simpson shared the chip in pot, and Katie Simpson had the fewest putts with 28.

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