Granby Adult Volleyball League Results |

Granby Adult Volleyball League Results

The Granby Adult Co-ed Volleyball League continued its season with more hard hitting competition. Results of Jan. 28 games were:Smokin Aces over Paper Clip: 2325, 2523 and 25-23. Canucks beat R&R, Ink.: 2826, 2516 and 25-8. Blue Steel downed R&R Ink.: 2519, 2521 and 25-14. The Legends defeated FOs by forfeit. Canucks over Smokin Aces: 2624, 1425 and 2522. And Paper Clip beat Top Hand Concrete: 23-25, 2519 and 2520.The latest league standings were:TeamWLCanucks80Smokin Aces62 Paper Clip62Top Hand Concrete44R&R Ink35Blue Steel35FOs17The Legends17

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