Granby " Jackie Wright: 10 more fitness guidelines that work for life |

Granby " Jackie Wright: 10 more fitness guidelines that work for life

The Fitness Trail " By Jackie Wright

In last week’s column, 10 fitness guidelines were outlined. This week, details on a few of those guidelines will be included as well as 10 more fitness guidelines to help you experience the health and fitness results you seek in 2008.

Details on a few guidelines from last week’s column:

1) Examples of cardio/aerobic exercise include continuously running, walking, cycling, cross country skiing and swimming.

2) Squats are one example of a muscular strength exercise which can be performed with or without external resistance such as dumbbells/barbells, for the lower body (i.e. quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus maximus). And, seated rows are one example of a muscular strength exercise for the upper, middle and lower back (i.e. trapezius and latissimus dorsi) which can be performed with dumbbells, on selectorized equipment, such as Nautilus, or with resistive tubing.

3) Two examples of flexibility exercises are the supine hamstring stretch and the standing quadriceps stretch. (Look for specific descriptions of these stretches and others in future columns.)

4) Body composition, the lean to fat ratio, is positively effected by performing regular cardio/aerobic exercise and strength and endurance training exercises combined with a healthy eating regimen.

Ten More Fitness Guidelines

1) Begin Slowly ” If you are new to exercise, or have laid off for a while, begin your exercise program slowly.

2) Steady state training means that your oxygen supply is meeting your oxygen demands (i.e. you are working aerobically). Interval training usually involves periods of time (i.e. 30 seconds exerting/30 seconds active recovery), in which you exert enough to become briefly winded (i.e. working anaerobically).

3) Cross Training ” To prevent boredom, injuries, plateaus, and to challenge the body effectively, vary your workouts by changing the frequency, intensity, time or type of your workouts.

4) When strength training allow 24-48 hours between full body strength training workouts. The body needs time to rest and repair.

5) Because shoes support your entire body, make certain you wear good quality shoes in good condition and only wear your workout shoes for workouts.

6) Wear breathable workout clothing which “wicks” away the moisture from the body.

7) A calorie is a calorie; consequently, whether you ingest a carbohydrate, fat or protein calorie, if it is not broken down and utilized as a fuel source, it will generally be converted to and stored as fat.

8) Check the portion sizes of all the foods you eat.

9) Make certain that you are hydrating throughout the day with cool water. The general rule is six to eight, 8-ounce glasses of water a day and more if you are regularly exercising.

10) One to two hours prior to exercising, particularly in the morning as you are “breaking the fast”, make certain to eat foods high in complex carbohydrates (i.e. whole grain products such as whole wheat toast, muffins, or oatmeal).

In the next few weeks this column will include fitness tips on specific exercises, example exercise programs, and training programs for many winter recreational activities such as snow shoeing, alpine skiing, Nordic skiing and more.

” Jackie Wright can be reached at her e-mail address:

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