Granby Recreation Department begins tennis ladders |

Granby Recreation Department begins tennis ladders

Ariadyn Hansen
Sky-Hi Daily News
Grand County, Colorado

If you are a resident of Grand County and enjoy tennis, you may be interested in getting involved with tennis ladders at the Granby Recreation Center.

Granby recreation coordinator, John Morgan, said community members can join anytime.

“The goal of it is to be the person to get to the top of the ladder,” Morgan said.

Morgan said the ladders were supposed to start Monday and go until Aug. 31.

“We set this up so people can meet some new players,” Morgan said. “We also set it up to just keep people playing.”

Tennis ladders are open to the whole county, and Morgan encourages people to use the Granby tennis courts. However, players can schedule their own times and matches anywhere in the county as long as they call and set it up with the recreation center ahead of time.

Interested players can e-mail Morgan at

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