Grand County bowling leagues |

Grand County bowling leagues

Lady Bugs League – Jan. 20TeamWLTeam C.I.3830Cutest Bugs3731Bowling Bags3335Sparemades2840High Game (Scratch) – Cindy Thompson 168High Game (Handicap) – Jill Suffin 223High Series (Scratch) – Terry Fisher 481High Series (Handicap) – Terry Fisher 649Lady Bugs League – Jan. 13TeamWLTeam C.I.3727Cutest Bugs3628Bowling Bags3034Sparemades2539High Game (Scratch) – Terry Pratt 200High Game (Handicap) – Francie de Vos 235High Series (Scratch) – Terry Pratt 542High Series (Handicap) – Francie de Vos 658Las Vegas League – Jan. 18TeamWLThe Rollers42.517.5 Rolling Pins3129Ace Plumbing3030Crawl with Dignity3030K-PBR29.530.5Diamonds in the Ruff26.533.5Hang 102634Acme Gutter Rats24.535.5 High Scratch Game – Glen Simerson – 217, Kathy Burke – 227High Handicap Game – Jason May – 255, Kathy Burke – 251High Scratch Series – Garey Sutherby – 543, Kathy Burke – 592High Handicap Series – Jason May – 680, Kathy Burke – 664Las Vegas League – Jan. 11TeamWLThe Rollers39.516.5 Rolling Pins3125K-PBR28.527.5Ace Plumbing2828Crawl with Dignity2828Diamonds in the Ruff25.530.5Hang 102234Acme Gutter Rats21.534.5 High Scratch Game – Peter Tomko – 235, Kathy Burke – 217High Handicap Game – Bret Douglas – 280, Kymberly Allen – 256High Scratch Series – Dave Freeman – 662, Kathy Burke – 576High Handicap Series – Dave Freeman – 749, Kymberly Allen – 710Las Vegas League – Jan. 4TeamWLThe Rollers3616Rolling Pins3022Diamonds in the Ruff25.526.5Ace Plumbing2527K-PBR24.527.5Crawl with Dignity2428Hang 102230Acme Gutter Rats2131 High Scratch Game – Dave Freeman – 212, Kathy Burke – 177High Handicap Game – Dave Freeman – 241, Taryn Truedell – 243High Scratch Series – Peter Tomko – 524, Kathy Burke – 498High Handicap Series – Pete Woronovitch – 636, Dena Sauter – 636Wednesday Night Men’s League – Jan. 19TeamWLSagebrush4218Heckert Cleaners3921Rock-He’s38.521.5Five38.521.5 Gear Jammers3327Bowling Stones31.528.5Alpine Taxidermy Pinheads2832Balls Deep2733Ace’s Outlaws22.537.5 High Scratch Game – Ike Harms – 243High Handicap Game – Ike Harms & Kyle Rhone – 260High Scratch Series – Ike Harms – 654High Handicap Series – Ike Harms – 705Wednesday Night Men’s League – Jan. 12TeamWLSagebrush3917Five35.520.5Heckert Cleaners3521Rock-He’s34.521.5 Gear Jammers37.528.5Bowling Stones25.526.5Alpine Taxidermy Pinheads2729Balls Deep2729Ace’s Outlaws22.533.5 High Scratch Game – Jeff Phelps – 277High Handicap Game -Jeff Phelps – 301High Scratch Series – J Humble – 637High Handicap Series – Charles Rackley, Jr. – 706Wednesday Night Men’s League – Jan. 5TeamWLSagebrush3517Five33.518.5Heckert Cleaners3319Rock-He’s32.519.5 Gear Jammers3121Bowling Stones25.526.5Alpine Taxidermy Pinheads2428Balls Deep2428Ace’s Outlaws21.530.5 High Scratch Game – Dave Freeman – 227High Handicap Game – Dave Freeman – 251High Scratch Series – Dave Freeman – 654High Handicap Series – Dave Freeman – 726Louieユs Ladies LeagueTeamWLLane Hoppers50.525.5Who Gives A Split43.532.5The D Team4135Fallen Angels3937Stump N Dump3937Just Us3640Plumb Bobs33 43Hard Rollers2254High Game Scratch – Sue James 189High Game Handicap – Aspen EasterlingHigh Series Scratch – Lynne Daniel 497High Series Handicap – Aspen Easterling 649 Louieユs Ladies LeagueTeamWLLane Hoppers47.524.5Who Gives A Split42.529.5The D Team4032Stump N Dump3933Fallen Angels3537Just Us3240Plumb Bobs3042Hard Rollers2250High Game Scratch – Kim Hart 197High Game Handicap – Kim Hart 245High Series Scratch – Kim Hart 533High Series Handicap – Kim Hart 677 Louieユs Ladies LeagueTeamWLLane Hoppers44.523.5Who Gives A Split39.528.5Stump N Dump3731The D Team3632Fallen Angels3533Just Us3137Plumb Bobs2840Hard Rollers2147High Game Scratch – Nikki Cornelison 200High Game Handicap – Francie deVos 238High Series Scratch – Nikki Cornelison 490High Series Handicap – Francie deVos 621

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