Grand County bowling leagues |

Grand County bowling leagues

Lady Bugs (As of Jan. 25TeamWLBowling Bags6424Sparemades4345Team C.I.35.552.5Lucky Strikers33.554.5High Game (Scratch)-Terry Pratt 181High Game (Handicap) – Terry Fisher 228High Series (Scratch) – Terry Pratt 506High Series (Handicap) – Jamie Peth 603Las Vegas LeagueTeamWLAce Plumbing5133The Rollers47.536.5Diamonds in the Ruff4341Boardwalkers4242Up Your Alley4143Grand Balls of Fire38.545.5The Bald & the Beautiful3747Just Sizzlin’3549High Scratch Game – Garey Sutherby, 257; Kathy Burke, 205High Handicap Game – Garey Sutherby, 289; Leslie Clark, 247High Scratch Series – Dave Freeman, 589; Kathy Burke, 533High Handicap Series – Bobby Blea, 704; Suzi Maki, 651Wednesday Night Men’s League(As of Feb. 24)TeamWL4 Aces5818Heckerts Cleaners4531Drink, Pillage, & Plunder4432Five4333Gear Jammers4036Tens Products4036Alpine Taxidermy2947High Scratch Game – Barry Smith, 246High Handicap Game – Barry Smith, 268High Scratch Series – Barry Smith, 647High Handicap Series -Barry Smith, 713Monday Night Louie’s Ladies LeagueTeamWLFallen Angels70.026.0Striking 467.029.0 Just Us55.041.0The D Team51.045.0Plumb Bobs49.047.0Lane Hoppers48.048.0Stump & Dump44.052.0Ghost0.00.0 High Game (Scratch) – Francie DeVos, 187High Game (Handicap) – Francie DeVos, 235High Series (Scratch) – Rosemarie McGinley, 489High Series (Handicap) – Francie DeVos, 630

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