Grand County Bowling leagues |

Grand County Bowling leagues

Lady Bugs League(as of March 4)TeamWL1. Bowling Bags67252. Sparemades45473. Team C.I.36.555.54. Lucky Strikers35.556.5High Game Scratch – Terry Pratt, 236High Game Handicap – Terry Pratt, 265High Series Scratch – Terry Pratt, 569High Series Handicap -Terry Pratt, 656Las Vegas League(as of March 2)TeamWL1. Ace Plumbing53352. The Rollers47.540.53. Boardwalkers45434. Up Your Alley44445. Diamonds in the Ruff 44446. Grand Balls of Fire42.545.57. The Bald & the Beautiful38508. Just Sizzlin’3751High Scratch Game – Tracy Temple, 236; Kathy Burke , 199High Handicap Game -Tracy Temple , 266 ; Vicky Harriman, 250High Scratch Series – Gene Harriman, 549; Kathy Burke, 562High Handicap Series – Michael Carter, 666; Kathy Burke, 643Wednesday Night Men’s League(as of March 3)TeamW1. 4 Aces61192. Heckerts Cleaners49313. Five46344. Drink, Pillage, & Plunder45355. Gear Jammers43376. Tens Products41397. Alpine Taxidermy 3050High Scratch Game -Jeffrey Phelps, 253High Handicap Game – Jeffrey Phelps, 276High Scratch Series – Jeffrey Phelps, 632High Handicap Series – Jeffrey Phelps, 701Monday Night Louie’s Ladies LeagueTeamWFallen Angels7327Striking 47129Just Us5941Lane Hoppers5248The D Team5149Plumb Bobs49 51Stump & Dump45 55Ghost00. High Game Scratch – Sue James, 180; Linda Robben, 180High Game Handicap – Sue James, 228High Series Scratch – Sue James, 481High Series Handicap – Dorothy Hammer, 628

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