Grand County bowling leagues |

Grand County bowling leagues

Lady Bugs LeagueFinal standings, March 11TeamWLBowling Bags6828Sparemades4848Lucky Strikers39.556.5Team C.I.36.559.5High Game (Scratch) – Terry Pratt 176High Game (Handicap) – Terry Fisher 216High Series (Scratch) – Terry Pratt 472High Series (Handicap) – Francie de Vos 586The Lady Bugs League has completed its season and would like to invite Grand County Ladies to join us next September as we start another season of fun.Las Vegas LeagueStandings as of March 9TeamWLAce Plumbing5339Boardwalkers4943Diamonds in the Ruff4844The Rollers47.544.5Grand Balls of Fire46.545.5Up Your Alley4547JustSizzlin’4052The Bald & the Beautiful3854High Scratch Game – Gene Harriman – 226; Kathy Burke – 190High Handicap Game – Gene Harriman – 262; Lori Crane – 230High Scratch Series – Gene Harriman – 606; Kathy Burke – 539High Handicap Series – Gene Harriman – 714; Vicky Harriman – 658Wednesday Night Men’s LeagueStandings as of March 10TeamWL4 Aces6222Five5034Heckerts Cleaners4935Gear Jammers4737Drink, Pillage, & Plunder4539Tens Products4440Alpine Taxidermy3450High Scratch Game – Kyle Rhone – 233High Handicap Game – Darrell Woods – 281High Scratch Series – Ike Harms – 620High Handicap Series – Kyle Rhone – 698Louie’s Ladies LeagueTeam StandingsTeamWLStriking 47529Fallen Angels7430Just Us6242The D Team5549Lane Hoppers5252Plumb Bobs5153Stump & Dump4757High Game (Scratch) – Kim Hart 214High Game (Handicap) – Kim Hart 256High Series (Scratch) – Teena Lorenz 547High Series (Handicap) – Pat Farmer 655, Teena Lorenz 655

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