Grand County bowling leagues |

Grand County bowling leagues

Lady Bugs League – Oct. 21TeamWLCutest Bugs1810Team C.I.1612 Bowling Bags1216Sparemades1018High Game (Scratch) – Francie de Vos 191High Game (Handicap) – Francie de Vos 237High Series (Scratch) – Terry Pratt 521High Series (Handicap) – Terry Pratt 647Tuesday Las Vegas League – Oct. 19TeamWLAce Plumbing93 K-PBR84Crawl with Dignity66The Rollers66Rolling Pins66Team 866Diamonds in the Ruff57Acme Gutter Rats210High Scratch Game – Garey Sutherby – 206; Kathy Burke – 208High Handicap Game – Garey Sutherby & Peter Tomko – 247; Kathy Burke & Lisa Jenkins – 242High Scratch Series – Peter Tomko – 531; Kathy Burke – 519High Handicap Series – Peter Tomko – 684;Sue Tomasek – 671Wednesday Night Men’s League – Oct. 20TeamWLSagebrush133Rock-He’s11.54.5Ace’s Outlaws115Five 9.56.5Alpine Taxidermy Pinheads97Heckert Cleaners88Gear Jammers79Bowling Stones79Balls Deep412 MenHigh Scratch Game – Arnie Johnson – 269High Handicap Game – Arnie Johnson – 269High Scratch Series – Arnie Johnson – 659High Handicap Series – Scott Penson – 670

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