Grand Lake Ladies Golf results – June 30 |

Grand Lake Ladies Golf results – June 30

Tee Bags

The 18-hole club at the Grand Lake Golf Course known as the Grand Lake Tee Bags played “Best Nine” being given the opportunity to play 18 holes and then choose their best 9 holes, front or back on the course. First place with a net score of 33.5 was a tie shared by Kathy Serra and Tina Hull; followed by Phyllis Stephens with a net of 34.5. Jeanne Lucas had 2 chip-ins; one on hole 5 and the other on hole 17. Laura Summers chipped in on hole 13.

Nifty Niners

The Ladies of the Nifty Niners played the front nine on the Grand Lake Course this week with Vicki Nessan earning first place with a net score of 34, followed by Jennie Negri in second with a net of 41 and Jan Jackson rounding out the top three scoring net 42.


The Grand Lake Golf Course has two Ladies groups playing each Tuesday. If you would like to join either of these fun groups, please call the Golf Course at (970) 627-8008.

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