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Jackie Wright – Great Outdoor/Indoor Workouts

Jackie Wright /The Fitness Trail
Grand Lake, CO Colorado

(Second in a three-part series)

Last week we featured the first in a three-part series guiding you through three great outdoor/indoor workouts. As promised, we will begin by providing you with more details on the weight training circuit from program number one. Then, workout program number two will be highlighted. As always, consult your physician prior to beginning any exercise program.

Details of the Indoor Segment of Workout Program No. 1 – 25 minutes, one to three times through. Perform 75-second intervals on cardio stations without stopping and 2- to 30-second intervals on strength training stations with a 15-second break between sets or sides, then repeat the second set for 30 seconds.

Station 1: *Cardio – If you have access to cardio equipment use it for all cardio stations, otherwise, you can jog/march in place or around the room.

Station 2: Lower Body – Perform squats with or without dumbbells.

Station 3: *Cardio

Station 4: Upper/Lower Body Combination – Stationary Lunges with biceps curls/dumbbells.

Station 5: Upper Body – Triceps Dips from a bench or stable countertop.

Station No. 6: Core – Bicycles

Station 7: *Cardio

Station 8: Lower Body – Supine hip extension roll outs with heels on a stability ball maintaining a glute bridge throughout.

Station 9: Upper Body – Bent over rows with one moderate to heavy dumbbell.

Station 10: Upper/Lower Body Combined – Abduction with a medicine ball (dumbbell can be substituted), lift the leg to the side as you press the medicine ball forward at shoulder height, then squat in the center pulling the ball to the chest and repeat on the other side.

Abs/Core Segment: Pushups 12 times; Reverse Curls 8x; Reverse Curls with rotations eight times; Spinal Extension from stability ball eight times

Flexibility/Stretching/Cool down – Perform stretches for all major muscle groups holding each stretch for 15-30 seconds just to a point of tension, never pain.

Outdoor/Indoor Workout Program No. 2 – 75 minutes

Outdoor Segment: 60 minutes, Hiking Trail Circuit Training

• Locate a hiking trail, close to home that will enable you to get there and back in 60 minutes spending at least 50 minutes on the trail.

• Choose a trail that has gentle uphills/downhills ideally with flat segments between enabling you to keep up a brisk pace with RPE’s of approximately four to six which is somewhat hard to heavy exertion.

• Perform a warm-up segment for five minutes, then find a standing tree and use it to perform 12 elevated pushups; hike again for another five minutes.

• Stop and perform 12 standing squats; hike again for another five minutes stopping to perform 12 step ups onto a stable tree stump or rock no higher than approximately 12 inches.

• Hike for another five minutes stopping to perform 12 triceps dips from a stable rock or tree stump; hike for another five minutes;

• Turn around and repeat the same sequence in reverse on your way back to the trailhead.

• Return home walking at a comfortable pace, bringing your RPE’s to three to four, which is moderate to somewhat hard exertion.

• Immediately perform 10 minutes of abs/core work followed by a five minute cool-down stretch focused upon flexibility and relaxation.

Next week, we will provide details of the abdominals/core conditioning segment of outdoor/indoor workout program No. 2 and then feature the third outdoor/indoor workout program.

Jackie Wright is the owner/manager of Never Summer Fitness, LLC located in Grand Lake, Colorado. She can be reached at her website at http://www.neversummerfitness.com, her email at http://www.NSFGL@comcast.net and her blog at http://www.skyhidailynews.com

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