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Jackie Wright – Health and Fitness Trends for 2010

Jackie Wright / The Fitness Trail
Grand County, CO Colorado

Each year the health and fitness industry indicates what trends may be popular in the new year. This week, we will feature a few of those suggested trends, many of which come directly from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and a few that may be more specific to Grand County.

Choosing which of these trends may interest you should always be determined first by how safe and effective the program or product may be for you based upon your fitness level and limitations. Determining whether a program/product is safe and effective for you may be accomplished by performing a risk/benefits analysis. And, based upon the outcome of that analysis, perform a cost/benefits analysis. If you determine that the program is safe and effective and fits within your budget, then perhaps it is the right program/product for you at this time. However, as you have read many times in this column, there is no one program, product or exercise that does it all. So, be skeptical and informed before making any purchase.

Keep in mind that our bodies change over time and the program/product that worked in 2010 may not be as safe/effective in 2011. Consequently, revisit your analysis periodically to make certain you are truly receiving the benefits and outcomes you seek. As always, consult your physician prior to beginning any exercise program.

• Exergames – ACE recently completed a research study of Nintendo’s Wii Fit game system and the Dancetown exergame, which you should read prior to purchasing these systems. You can access the studies on their Web site at http://www.acefitness.org.

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• Time Efficient Workouts/Programs – Boot Camp style workouts/programs in health clubs/studios and in-home will remain popular as will group indoor cycling, kickboxing, functional training and fusion classes which incorporate interval training and circuit training.

• Small Group Training – Some clients may find that the cost of one-on-one personal training is temporarily prohibitive yet they still want/require the personal attention, direction/coaching/guidance of a certified personal trainer. Consequently, consult your personal trainer to see if they are willing to train two or three of your friends with you, thereby reducing the overall cost of the sessions.

• Shoulder Season Training – Many of my clients will train with me during the shoulder seasons to prepare for their recreational activity of choice such as alpine/Nordic skiing and cycling. Stay in shape, prepare and only pay for training when you are not performing your activity.

• Boomer Training – Over the past several years, my client-base has exponentially increased, much of which has been due to baby boomers realizing that their health and fitness levels need to improve to enable them to perform their activities of daily living and to improve the quality of their lives. I expect this trend to continue growing in 2010.

• Functional Training – Should remain popular and necessary this coming year, so focus upon programs/training which encompasses movements and exercises simulating real life movements and requirements. Remember the principle of specificity which states that to be good at an activity, you must perform it consistently.

Next week, we will feature health/fitness products which may be popular in 2010.

– Jackie Wright is owner/manager of Never Summer Fitness LLC in Grand Lake, Colorado. She can be reached at her website at http://www.neversummerfitness.com, her email address at NSFGL@comcast.net and her blog at http://www.skyhidailynews.com.

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