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Jackie Wright: The 30-Minute Express Workout, Part 3

Jackie Wright / The Fitness TrailGrand Lake, CO Colorado

Third in a three-part series Week three of the 30-Minute Express Workout will put the finishing touches on the program by providing you with the specific exercises for each aspect of the program. While there is not enough space to include the exercise descriptions, each exercise is very simple and if you would like more information, just drop me an email and I will do my best to send you the necessary information.As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.30 Minute Express Workout – exercise breakdown for each segment Note: On all cool-down segments, perform myofascial release on the foam roller for two minutes concentrating on the hip abductors/IT Band/quadriceps/hamstrings/calves/low-mid-back/glutes followed by stretches for all major muscle groups of the body holding the stretches to a point of tension, never pain, for 15-30 seconds.Mondays/WednesdaysEmphasis on cardio – 6 station circuitWarm-up5 minutesSegment #1Run stairs – cardio – 5 minutesSegment #2Muscular Strength Training – Squats – 75 secondsSegment #3Run stairs – cardio – 5 minutesSegment #4Muscular Strength Training – Pushups – 75 secondsSegment #5March or jog in place – cardio – 5 minutesSegment #6Muscular Strength Training – Bicycles – 75 secondsCool DownMyofascial Release/Flexibility/Stretching Segment – 5 minutesTuesdays/ThursdaysEmphasis on muscular strength training + core8 station circuitWarm-up5 minutesSegment #1Cardio – fitness walk outside/inside – 3 minutesSegment #2Muscular Strength Training – Triceps Dips – 75 secondsSegment #3Cardio – run stairs two at a time – 3 minutesSegment #4Muscular Strength Training – Lunges – 75 secondsSegment #5Muscular Strength Training – Wood Chop – medicine ball – 75 secondsSegment #6Muscular Strength Training – Abduction/Squats – medicine ball press – 75 secondsSegment #7Muscular Strength Training – Bent over Rows – one heavy dumbbell – 75 secondsSegment #8Abs/Core – Supine Roll Ups w/medicine ball; Kneeling Roll Outs w/stability ball; Prone Roll Outs w/stability ball; Lateral Flexion w/stability ball; Spinal Extension w/stability ball. Perform one set of 8-12 repetitions of each exercise/both sides where applicable-7 minutesCool DownMyofascial Release/ Stretching/Flexibility/- 5 minutesFridaysEmphasis on cardio + balance + core stability6-station circuitWarm-up5 minutesSegment #1Cardio – walk/run indoors/outdoors – 5 minutesSegment #2Balance + core stability – Full or modified plank – 75 secondsSegment #3Cardio – walk/run indoors/outdoors – 5 minutesSegment #4Balance + core stability – Mountain Climbers – 75 secondsSegment #5Cardio – walk/run indoors/outdoors – 5 minutesSegment #6Balance + Core Stability – Bird Dog – 75 secondsCool DownMyofascial Release/Stretching/Flexibility- 5 minutes Saturdays or Sundays(i.e. sixth day as we rest one day per week)Emphasis on total body muscular strength training and abdominals/core stability – no cardio4-station circuit; repeat the sequence three-four times through.Warm-up5 minutesSegment #1Muscular Strength Training – Lunges w/biceps curls w/dumbbells – 75 secondsSegment #2Muscular Strength Training – High/Low Rows w/tethered tubing – 75 secondsSegment #3Muscular Strength Training – Knee/Squats w/overhead presses w/dumbbells – 75 secondsSegment #4Abs/Core – Side bridge/reverse curls/side bridge/reverse curls w/rotations – 5 minutes; perform one set of 8-12 repetitions of each exercise; remember on side bridges to hold for 10-15 seconds each and on rotations right/center/left/center equals one repetition -75 secondsCool DownMyofascial Release/Stretching/Flexibility – 5 minutesJackie Wright is the owner/manager of Never Summer Fitness, LLC located in Grand Lake, Colorado. She may be reached at her website at http://www.neversummerfitness.com, her email at NSFGL@comcast.net , her blog at http://www.skyhidailynews.com and her Facebook page at Never Summer Fitness.

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