Kremmling hockey Squirts go 1-3 at Gunnison, Crested Butte |

Kremmling hockey Squirts go 1-3 at Gunnison, Crested Butte

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In three days of hockey competition during the weekend, Kremmling’s Squirt C team won one and lost three games to Crested Butte and Gunnison.

The first game held Saturday morning, Jan. 26, was a close loss. The Kremmling Squirts fell to Gunnison 3-2 at the Jorgensen Ice Rink in Gunnison.

Gunnison got on the scoreboard first with a goal in the opening period, but the Cattle Kings tied up the score in the second. Less than a minute into play, Logan Miyauchi broke through the defense and slammed the puck into the net to score an unassisted goal.

The third period turned into a real catfight between the two teams. Gunnison regained the lead by scoring its second goal after four minutes of play.

Responding to that goal, Kremmling then picked up the pace of its play, went on the attack and scored three minutes later. Once again, the score was an unassisted goal by Miyauchi.

Having re-tied the score, the Cattle Kings did their best to fend off a counterattack from Gunnison, but to no avail. About 2-1/2 minutes later, Gunnison scored its third goal to take the lead once more.

Despite repeated attacks on their opponents’ net, Kremmling’s players were unable to score again before the game clock ran out.

In a second game Saturday afternoon, the Cattle Kings took on Crested Butte’s White Team. Although the Kremmling skaters fought hard, they lost 8-2.

Crested Butte’s Squirts quickly showed their skills in the first period by scoring four unanswered goals. They kept up the drumbeat of their attacks and scored three more goals in the second period.

As the third period began, it looked like it was going to be a complete blowout for Kremmling as Crested Butte scored their eighth goal after 2-1/2 minutes of play.

With a shutout loss staring them in the face, the Cattle Kings caught fire. Going on the attack, they finally penetrated Crested Butte’s defenses and scored. The first goal was earned unassisted by Sawyer Cousineau. Less than two minutes later, Logan Miyauchi made the team’s second goal, also unassisted.

Kremmling’s goalie Bode Culbreath made 13 saves during the Saturday afternoon game.

On Sunday, Jan. 27, the Cattle Kings’ Squirts traveled to Crested Butte where they beat Crested Butte’s Blue Team 6-4.

As the game got under way, Crested Butte went right on the attack and scored just over two minutes into the first period.

Unfazed by that goal, Kremmling immediately counterattacked. Slipping past defenders, Jacob Bentler took aim and blasted the puck into the net to score an unassisted goal.

Before the first period ended, Crested had recaptured the lead with its second goal, but the Cattle Kings were determined to not let it stand. Five minutes into the second period, Kremmling’s Wesley Killinen broke through the defenders, took a pass from Sawyer Cousineau and slapped the puck into the net to tie the score 2-2.

With the game then riding on what happened in the third period, the Cattle Kings wasted little time. As soon as the puck dropped, Sawyer Cousineau got it, attacked the net and scored in 16 seconds.

Excited by their quick score, Kremmling players kept up their attack. About 1-1/2 minutes later, Logan Miyauchi flashed past the defenders and rocketed the puck into the net.

Keeping the momentum going, Jacob Bentler followed it up by scoring another goal about a minute later, off an assist from Miyauchi.

Not letting up the pressure, the Cattle Kings continued their attack. A fourth goal was scored less then two minutes later when Scott Smith slammed in the puck off an assist from Cousineau.

Following that flurry of attacks which left them trailing 6-2, Crested Butte’s defense finally regained control, allowing their offense to respond. Before the clock ran out, they scored two goals.

Kremmling’s goalie Bode Culbreath made 17 shots and 13 saves.

On Monday afternoon, Jan. 28, the Cattle Kings’ Squirts were back at Gunnison’s Jorgensen Ice Arena where they again took on Gunnison. In a close, hard-fought battle, Kremmling lost 6-5.

In the first period, Gunnison scored quickly in the first minute and then followed it up with a second goal about four minutes later.

Finally reacting, Kremmling switched over to the attack. Two minutes later, Logan Miyauchi slapped in the puck for the team’s first goal. He then followed it up with a second unassisted goal to tie up the score about a minute later.

Gunnison took back the lead by a single goal before the first period ended. They kept the momentum going into second period by scoring two more goals.

Finding themselves trailing 5-2, the Cattle Kings began to pick up the pace of their play and scored before the second period ended. Sawyer Cousineau earned the unassisted goal.

Still behind by two points entering the third period, Kremmling kicked its offense into high gear. Wesley Killinen scored first with an assist from Miyauchi. Less than a minute later, Miyauchi tied the score 5-5 with an attack on the net with an assist from Jacob Bentler.

With that boost, the Cattle Kings tried to continue their assault, but Gunnison fought back. As the game clock ticked down, Gunnison broke through to score and win the game by a single point.

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