Kristen Lodge – Party of Five with three dog bowls |

Kristen Lodge – Party of Five with three dog bowls

Kristen Lodge / Outdoor AdventuresGrand County, CO Colorado

I love a good success story and I always root for the underdog.So when I ran into Sean Richardson, the owner of Maverick’s Grill, at his restaurant just after Thanksgiving and he told me that he and his wife Stephanie just adopted Bob from the Granby Animal Shelter, I knew it would make a great Christmas success story with an underdog winning. Bob is a 115-pound Turkish Kangal and has breed-related nervosa, which causes him to shake and sometimes fall down for no reason. Sean and Stephanie didn’t care. All they cared about before adopting him was that he would get along with their other two dogs; and he did.I read about Bob on the Grand County Pet Pals Web site. I view the Web site weekly to see all the dogs in the shelter. I already have two dogs but I dream about having more. My dream consists of adopting a small, female dog so when I saw Bob: male and weighing over 100 pounds, I kept scrolling down the page. I usually close the Web site after seeing so many cute dogs that I know I can’t have, and feel depressed for a long time after. I was thrilled Bob found a good home. I wanted to meet Bob and his new brothers to see how they all got along. Actually, I was doing research to learn how a three dog home worked, or if it worked. So I asked Sean if we could go on a hike with all the dogs. The day we decided to hike was below freezing so I went to their house in Granby to meet their dogs.This is the Richardson Party of Five: Sean & Stephanie – HumansTeek, Male, 9 – adopted, mixedMoose, Male, 5, a black lab mixBob, Male, 3 – adopted, Turkish KangalSean and Stephanie told me the story how they all piled into their pickup truck to cut a Christmas Tree at Idleglen, off County Road 4 in Grand Lake with their three dogs. I can imagine this entire adventure and wish I could’ve been there:Sean drives. Stephanie is in the passenger seat with Teek in her lap. Moose sits on the middle console and Bob fills the back of the cab. There is no room for anything else. They arrive at the Idleglen parking lot and the dogs run around in snow, darting off following scents while Sean and Stephanie hike around to find their perfect Christmas Tree. Bob is gone for awhile and when he finally comes back he has an elk rib bone in his mouth. When Stephanie finally pries the bone away, they get the tree and all the dogs back in the truck, and head back to Granby. The perfect Christmas story filled with family, a story about getting a Christmas Tree, and outdoor dog adventure. If you or someone you know is in need of an animal companion, there are cats and dogs that need a home and are currently living at the Grand County Animal Shelter in Granby. Then you can make your own adoption success story. The Grand County Animal Shelter also needs dog walkers. Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, Happy Hanukkah, Feliz Navidad, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy Boxing Day.

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