Two great compound exercises |

Two great compound exercises

Jackie Wright / The Fitness Trail
Owner/manager, Never Summer Fitness LLC
Grand County, Colorado

Compound exercises, which work several muscle groups simultaneously, are a great way to exercise efficiently and to focus on functional movements that may help us perform activities of daily living more effectively. Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

Perform the following two compound exercises, two to three times per week.

Side Squats/Lunges/Torso Rotations/Squats/Front Raises – Works the quadriceps/hamstrings/gluteus maximus/abductors/adductors/core/deltoid muscles.

– Begin standing with the legs more than shoulder-width apart, the shoulders relaxed, rib cage lifted, the navel pulled toward the spine and the knees soft.

– Step out wide to the right side of the body with the right leg; planting the heel of the right foot on the floor, sitting back into a squat position with the right leg (hinge from the hips/flex the right knee no more than 90 degrees at the knee joint/keep the chest up).

– As you step out to the side with the right leg, allow the left leg to trail directly to the left side of the body into a lunge position, with the left leg straight and knee soft.

– Once you are in this position, right leg squat/left leg lunging, rotate the torso from the waistline toward the right side of the body twice. Make certain to rotate the entire torso simultaneously, and avoid leading with the head or rotating the hips.

– Then, push off of the right foot, pulling the right leg toward the left leg into the beginning position.

– Squat back/down, with both legs, hinging from the hips as you lift the arms into a front raise, palms facing the floor, up to shoulder height, and then lower the arms down as you stand up straight.

– Repeat to the left side.

– Take 16 slow counts to complete the exercise on each side.

– Perform 8-12 repetitions on each side.

– Hold a medicine ball throughout to add intensity once you have mastered the exercise.

Knee Squats/Overhead Presses/Bench – Works the quadriceps/hamstrings/gluteus maximus/ deltoids/abductors/core muscles.

– Begin standing with the right foot on the left end of a stable bench four-eight inches in height with the left foot on the floor, staggered behind the position of the right leg.

– Shoulders away from the ears, rib cage lifted, navel pulled toward the spine and the knees soft.

– Flex the arms approximately 90 degrees at the elbow joint and bring the arms up to shoulder height with the palms facing forward.

– Drive through the right foot on top of the bench, extending the right leg, as you lift the left knee up to hip height pressing the arms over the head until the elbows are fully extended.

– Then, lower the left leg back to the floor, both legs moving into a squat position hinging from the hips, knees flexed 90 degrees, driving the tailbone toward the back wall as you lower the arms to the beginning position.

– Repeat 8-12 repetitions on each side; slow two counts up/down.

– Hold moderate dumbbells in the hands for the overhead presses to increase the intensity once you have mastered the exercise.

Since there was only room for two compound exercises and I promised three this week, next week I will feature the third and a fourth one.

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