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Wright: Is your exercise program results oriented?

Jackie Wright
The Fitness Trail

For the majority of our clientele, what matters the most to them regarding their health/fitness level is that the program performed is results oriented. But, what does a results-oriented exercise program really mean? Does it mean that you lose weight, decrease body composition and girth? Does it mean that you decrease your blood pressure and are able to go off of your medications or recover from an illness/injury? Is it how you look? Or, is it how you feel or how well you perform in an event/competition? Could it just be that you want to be able to ski or snowboard this year and feel great?

To be honest, it is all of the above and more. Every client has individual needs and desires and consequently, what results-oriented means to them will be unique. The question asked above, “is your exercise program results oriented” may be answered by whether or not the outcomes and results you seek, are being achieved on a regular basis.

Regardless what your goals may be, the program should be designed to address those goals specifically. If your needs include solid, fundamental fitness results, then a more general program may be a good fit for you. For example, many of our clientele attend group exercise classes regularly and choose a wide variety with our guidance, to create a results-oriented outcome. The majority of these individuals are very consistent with their programs, follow and adhere to a nutritionally sound dietary plan regularly and live a healthy, active lifestyle outside of the club.

Would a professionally designed program which fits their specific needs perhaps expedite the results-oriented process? Perhaps so, however, in these cases, they may supplement their group exercise program participation with a program designed specifically for them to be performed on the fitness floor which is the best of both worlds.

If group exercise is not your first choice (although, if it is a professionally designed, comprehensive group exercise program, it just might be if you were to give it a whirl), you may be a candidate for personal training. Personal programs are just that—personal. The trainer should perform a goals/objectives consultation, functional movement screen, set baseline measurements, in most cases, and spend considerable time with you to thoroughly understand what “results-oriented” means to you. Once all of that information is gathered, then the trainer designs the program followed by your initial personal training session where you actually perform the program.

Results oriented programs ensure that the client continues to progress over time. Clients will often perform the same program over the course of a year, despite the advice of their trainers, and then come in for a consultation wondering why their bodies have either lost fitness or have plateaued. Our bodies will only continue improving if the program changes periodically and how often it needs to change depends entirely on that individual’s genetic predisposition, their commitment to the program and what their results-oriented goals dictate.

Bottom line—is your training program addressing your results oriented goals and objectives consistently? If not, sit down with your trainer/coach today reassessing your current fitness level and getting on track to achieve the results you seek for today and over your life time.

Jackie Wright is the owner/manager of Mountain Life Fitness, LLC located in Granby, Colorado. She may be reached at her website at http://www.mtnlifefitness.com, her email at jackie@mtnlifefitness.com and her Facebook page at Mountain Life Fitness.

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