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Wright: Simple holiday meal solutions

Jackie Wright
The Fitness Trail

While I am a huge proponent of enjoying the holiday season, as Thanksgiving approaches, it seems like a good time to discuss a few simple holiday meal solutions for all holiday gatherings. Spending time with your loved ones, breaking bread together and sharing your blessings with one another is one of life’s most special occasions. Take the time to completely embrace the experience; however, check out the simple holiday meal solutions highlighted this week and enhance how you feel throughout the entire holiday season. As always, prior to beginning any exercise program, please consult your physician.

Holiday Meal Solution #1 The number one suggestion is to choose your absolute two or three favorite dishes and enjoy every bite! Rather than piling your plate with every available option on the table, pass on those dishes that are of moderate to little interest to your palate.

Holiday Meal Solution #2 Watch your portion sizes. This rule applies every day of the year; however, just because it is a special meal does not mean you should heap on the portions.

Holiday Meal Solution #3 Pay mind to the number of servings. Again, one serving is probably enough to thoroughly enjoy your favorite dish. More is not necessarily better. Think of how you want to feel the day after.

Holiday Meal Solution #4 If you have really been craving bread, then have the bread without making it a vehicle for the fat with unreasonable amounts of butter and gravy. Have a taste of butter or gravy and enjoy.

Holiday Meal Solution #5 Keep an eye on pre-holiday meal nibbling. Delay your gratification for the actual holiday meal.

Holiday Meal Solution #6 Consume your regular breakfast on the day of the holiday meal. This will help keep you on track and making wiser choices throughout the day.

Holiday Meal Solution #7 Have one dessert of a reasonable portion.

Holiday Meal Solution #8 Hydrate! Before the meal, during the meal and following any adult beverage.

Holiday Meal Solution #9 Speaking of adult beverages, choose wine glasses that are a realistic size. For example, the average serving size of wine is approximately five ounces. If the wine glass is the size of a bowl, you may overindulge which really racks up the calories (i.e. one, five-ounce serving of wine is approximately 110-120kcal).

Holiday Meal Solution #10 Avoid wearing clothing that encourages overindulging such as elastic waistbands or baggy dresses/pants. You will be much more aware of your consumption with well-fitting clothing. Remember, you do want to be able to fit into your regular clothes after the holidays!

Holiday Meal Solution #11 While more about output than consumption, take a walk prior to and following your meals. Workout on the day of the event if possible and definitely the day afterward.

Holiday Meal Solution #12 If you are the host or hostess of the holiday meal, encourage your guests to bring reasonable size dishes that fit the group’s needs. Then, box/bag up the leftovers and send those home with the person who brought their dish.

Holiday Meal Solution #13 Share your goodies with those less fortunate in the community. You will feed those in need and prevent overconsumption and waste on your end.

Jackie Wright is the owner/manager of Mountain Life Fitness, LLC located in Granby, Colorado. She may be reached at her website at http://www.mtnlifefitness.com. her email at jackie@mtnlifefitness.com and her Facebook page at Mountain Life Fitness.

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