State Forest offers landowners low-cost seedlings |

State Forest offers landowners low-cost seedlings

Colorado State Forest Service

The Colorado State Forest Service is now accepting applications on a first-come, first-serve basis for more than 40 varieties of low-cost seedling trees and shrubs from its Fort Collins nursery. Orders will be available for pickup or statewide delivery early next spring.

Coloradans who are interested in conservation goals such as creating natural windbreaks, improving wildlife habitat or reforesting properties impacted by wildfire or floods are eligible to purchase the low-cost seedlings.

“The nursery prides itself on growing a variety of species suitable for Colorado’s diverse landscapes,” said Colorado State Forest Service Nursery Manager Josh Stolz. “Colorado-grown species are adaptable, hardy and ideal for wildfire recovery, riparian restoration and a variety of other conservation uses.”

The Colorado State Forest Service seedling tree program is designed to encourage Colorado farmers, ranchers and rural landowners to plant seedling trees and shrubs for conservation purposes. Through a cooperative effort with Colorado State University Extension offices and county conservation districts throughout the state, approximately 5,000 Coloradans plant seedling trees each year.

Seedling trees have many uses and benefits, including:

• Wind/snow control to protect roadways and livestock

• Enhanced wildlife habitat and reforestation

• Increased property values

• Energy conservation and reduced utility bills

• Carbon sequestration

• Reduced soil erosion

To purchase seedling trees from the Colorado State Forest Service, landowners must agree to use them for conservation purposes only, and not for landscaping or resale. Interested landowners should order as soon as possible, while the greatest selection of tree and shrub species is still available, Stolz said.

For more information about the Colorado State Forest Service seedling tree program, contact a local Colorado State Forest Service district office, visit or call the Colorado State Forest Service Nursery at 970-491-8429.

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