State of American politics enough to make observer cry |

State of American politics enough to make observer cry

To the Editor:

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over the state of our politics. Occasionally, I do both at the same time.

We are witnessing that no matter who is in power and with what majority there will always be bickering, in-fighting, and finger pointing as someone always tries to be the biggest fish in the pond. We have the far Left, Left, Moderates, Conservatives, Right and far Right plus everybody in between with no consensus even within their own party. Just who can force their will on the other despite the will of the people? Things just keep getting worse and worse.

We’ve legalized killing our babies in the womb, removed a cross from a cemetery with WWI veterans because it offends us, deny saying the Pledge of Allegiance in school because of the words “under God,” and taken the Ten Commandments off our courthouses.

Plus, we make laws and workplace rules for those who are not American citizens to display or pray to whatever deity but deny American Christians that same right. As in, a teacher can’t have a crucifix on the shelf but it’s OK to have a Buddha.

And we wonder why things keep getting worse.

Ken Anderson

Hot Sulphur Springs