Status of this country is fine, and Obama can’t be trusted |

Status of this country is fine, and Obama can’t be trusted

To the Editor:

I find it amusing how some people love to badmouth their own country. It seems nothing is any good and the only way to correct the wrongs is to elect Barrack Obama.

Obama went to Europe and made some nasty comments about his own country. When he mentioned the Europeans aiding us in Afghanistan with troops and money, you could hear a pin drop. We will not get any help from Europe.

Obama has flip-flopped on so many issues there is no way you can trust him. The man has changed his mind about troop withdrawal, faith-based charities, gun control and last but not least, immunity for phone companies aiding our government. He was totally against phone taps but yet voted for immunity for telephone companies. His past liberal voting record in the Senate certainly gives me pause.

His past affiliations are without a doubt a bit scary, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Father Phleger and the worst of all William Ayres and Bernadeen Dorn, former members of the Weather Underground, who in the ’60s committed terrorist acts against the United States.

We have not lost status in the world; it is the same as it always was. The French hate us even though there are thousands of American fighting men buried on their soil, the result of two world wars. I could care less what other nations think of us, they still take our money and then badmouth us.

Teddy Roosevelt said “the reason other countries dislike us is because of our audacity” I like the fact that we are audacious.

Ed Saltzman

Grand Lake