Stephen Bailey is Polis’ main competition on Nov. 2 |

Stephen Bailey is Polis’ main competition on Nov. 2

A few weeks ago I received yet another political polling call, this time from the Colorado Democratic Party.

One of the questions asked is if I would be voting for Jared Polis or a name I did not recognize.

This question stunned me because surely the Colorado Democrats know that Republican Stephen Bailey is Mr. Polis’ main competition on Nov. 2. Why then would they offer such an erroneous question?

The Colorado Democratic Party can take all the polls they want, but the voters have awakened to the fact that Jared Polis is even more liberal than President Obama.

Everyone who is unhappy with government bailouts, “Obamacare,” the government takeover of student loans, “stimulus” money that doesn’t stimulate anything but government jobs and all the other radical programs our current legislators have enacted, must vote for Stephen Bailey.

Maralyn Branstetter

Hot Sulphur Springs

Editor’s note: The Democratic party could have been asking about Henry Raibourn, who is running as a Democratic write-in candidate in the District 2 race against Democratic candidate Jared Polis, along with Republican candidate Stephen Bailey, Libertarian candidate Harris Curtis, and American Consitution candidate Jenna Gross.

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