Steve Hickox – Hats off to our Lady Panthers |

Steve Hickox – Hats off to our Lady Panthers

To the Editor:

First let me say how proud I am while writing this letter. For all of you who may not know, the Middle Park Lady Panthers placed third in the 3A state championship. What an accomplishment.

For those of you that braved the weather and attended, you were privy to a high-speed adrenaline-filled set of matches. The spectacle was one to behold and something that forever will be one of the high points of my years raising children. Thank you to each and every one of you that came to cheer on the team.

The ever-increasing pride at Middle Park was evident by the number of students, faculty, administration and Grand County citizens who don’t even have students in the school. If you were there, you would also have given witness to the incredible sportsmanship of the Lake County Leadville High School drum corps that came to help an adversary in our league on to victory at the state level. I can’t say that in my high school days that something that selfless would have ever happened.

I tip my hat to you young gentlemen and ladies from Leadville who came down on their own time not just on Friday, but Saturday also. Once again, congratulations to Coach Glenn, Coach Cherrington, Coach Guerrieri and the entire Middle Park lady Panthers Volleyball team on a season well-done.

Steve Hickox

Grand Lake

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