Steve Palm: Community shows its heart again |

Steve Palm: Community shows its heart again

To the Editor:

Grand County kids on your loss … I just wanted to remark on how proud I am in the manner in which the community came together in showing respect to another lost member of the county.

But more importantly, the way Spencer Nelson’s classmate’s and Grand County friends handled themselves with their great loss.

Kids like The Sprague boys, Cori Anderson, Andie Huston, P.J. Cross , Nina Palm, John Schirado, Tom Dady, Brian Moore, Mike Sepanski, Trevor Corbin … REALLY TOO MANY Grand County kids to keep listing. You know who you are, and I’m proud in the manner in which you have handled yourselves in this time of your great loss.

Just Remember, carry on in Spencer’s name and go climb another mountain like you did on Saturday.

Steve Palm


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