Steve Palm: Obama is no friend of small business |

Steve Palm: Obama is no friend of small business

To the Editor:

Regarding Ms. Muftic’s column: “Obama is pro-small business,” Horse Feathers!

The use of the phrase “Horse Feather” is just another smoke and mirrors talking point from an Obama supporter trying to convince people that his administrations policies/actions have been good for America.

One of the lead responsibilities of a President is to build confidence with the people and to bring all people together. Well, “Horse Feathers,” you would have to be blind and deaf to see that hasn’t happen in any way, shape or form here in the U.S. or even abroad.

Think of it this way, one of the responsibilities of the President is Director of the Chamber Of Commerce, one of his goals should be to make sure that all businesses, not just union or government businesses, are fairly represented, that they know their directions in the future, and that government is business-friendly and not holding them back in the free market. That they will be free to build their business in a fair and open market with as few obstacles as possible. Now, “Horse Feathers,” does anyone really believe Obama is making the U.S. a private sector business market friendly, with thousands of new laws and healthcare that has already driven my rates up. Besides, in Obama’s own words several weeks ago, the “private sector is doing fine” – this from a guy who has never managed a private sector payroll or business.

My question to you small business people still left here in Grand County, are you doing just fine? With 47 million Americans dependent on government programs, have you had enough of the smoke and mirrors from this government jar head?

All of the left wing editorial phrases and spinning over the next five months isn’t going to change the facts, we are all struggling and stuck with poor leadership, we all need a change, and that ain’t no horse feathers.

And then there is soon-to-be-possible contempt charges against Attorney General Eric Holder on Wednesday even though President Barack Obama asserted executive privilege over documents sought by the panel investigating the botched Fast and Furious gun-running sting that killed thousands of Mexican’s and a U.S. agent with U.S. guns fed across the border by Holder and Obama – is there a cover up?

Is this open and transparent? Time for a change.

Steve Palm