Still not sure what recall candidates believe |

Still not sure what recall candidates believe

I don’t understand why I’ve had to resort to using your search feature to find any information on the Fraser Rec District recall candidates.

So far Tonya Bina’s article, Candidates debate Fraser Rec District recall issues, concerning a forum that your paper put on from Feb. 6, is the only article I’ve found showing any views of the current candidates.

She writes, “At least three of the candidates ” Kyle Harris, Andrew Chasin and John Glancey ” made clear they support the existing board members but threw in their candidacies to give voters a “pro rec district” alternative and the confidence project work will continue if the sitting board members are recalled.” But even that is somewhat vague.

Why not make a table of sorts showing each candidate and what they support (recall/no recall) and what they will do if and when they get into office, what their background is, what their profession is, etc.; just as you would do for any other election?

So I am able to gather that Kevin Davlin, Jon deVos, and Darrell Jackie Wood support a recall, but what they would do once in office I’m unsure of. And Kyle Harris, Andrew Chasin, and John Glancey support no recall, but other than that they support the existing members, I’m still unsure of what they would do in office.

Now I’m really confused in Jon deVos’ letter to the editor from January 26 he states, “I have a great deal of respect for John Glancey and believe he would also make a capable board member.” But this is the same person he is running against if the recall is successful.

So I guess since I didn’t get to attend the forum, I have to stay in the dark as to the views of any of the candidates running in the recall election.

Jason Williams


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