Sun Communities proposes over 1,000 units for new RV park at Shorefox in Granby |

Sun Communities proposes over 1,000 units for new RV park at Shorefox in Granby

A rendering of the site to be developed by Sun Communities, both above and below the Colorado River.
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After nearly a year of negotiations the town of Granby has finally received the initial development proposal from Sun Communities detailing a large luxury RV resort development to be constructed on the Shorefox property on the north end of Granby.

Town officials received the development proposal late last week and plan to bring the proposal before the Granby Planning Commission for initial review in early September. The full scope of the project is yet to be determined and the final closing date for the sale of roughly 300 acres of the larger 1,500-acre property, located on the northwest corner of the intersection of Highways 40 and 34 in Granby, is not expected for several months.

The full development proposal from Sun is a massive document nearly six inches thick. A summary description provided by Town officials lays out some of the details. Sun Community’s initial proposal includes 362 total acres and an estimated 538 towed RV campsites, divided up between 83 pull-through sites and 455 back-in sites.

The proposal also calls for several hundred structures of a more permanent nature. Sun’s proposal lists 228 vacation villas and 341 individual “park models”, which are essentially tiny homes constructed on mobile chassis typically used for vacation accommodations. The proposal also lists 37 separate “glamping” accommodations — such as yurts or safari tents — bringing the grand total of proposed recreational units to 1,144.

Sun’s proposal also posits a 30,000 square feet area specifically for “Clubhouse, Fitness Center, Camp Store, and Recreation Center. A separate “Adventure Center” is also listed in the proposal, requiring roughly 9.5 acres of space. According to the documents Sun Communities plans to set aside roughly 80 acres of open space to “promote view corridors and compliment the natural splendor of the property.”

Sun’s Trip Generation and Road Network report, included with the proposal, estimates the RV resort, once constructed, will generate around 4,563 one-way vehicle trips on the average weekday, with roughly half of that number entering the site and half exiting each day.

Sun also plans to move the primary entrance to the RV resort to a different location from the current entrance to Shorefox and Granby Trails. The new entrance will be located further east on Highway 34.

Granby officials say they plan to keep the current entrance open even after the RV park is built, to provide access to the Granby Trails network and fishing ponds on the property’s southern end.

The specifics of the development itself will still need approval from both town’s Planning Commission and Board of Trustees.

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