Survey – How important are school athletics to you? |

Survey – How important are school athletics to you?

In light of school district budget shortfalls, the East Grand School District Accountability Committee is conducting a survey to gauge the community’s thoughts on school sports and other activities.

The purpose of this nine question survey is to provide information back to the DAC’s athletics and activities subcommittee.

There are nine short questions about district sponsored athletics and activities.

While the subcommittee recognizes that the East Grand School District is in a difficult position financially, subcommittee members “feel strongly that athletics and activities need to be preserved in whatever form we can.”

For the 2010/2011 school year, the subcommittee has recommended an overall cut of 15 percent from the activities and athletic budget, in the process preserving all current programs.

For the 2011/2012 school year and beyond, it may be necessary to cut some or all remaining activity and athletic program funding from the district budget – a move the subcommittee “feels is too drastic for the community to tolerate.”

Link to the athletics and activities survey by visiting the home page of Hard copies are available at the East Grand School District Office. The subcommittee plans to tally the results of the survey by April 19.

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