Susan Carlson: Voted to recall Hot Sulphur mayor |

Susan Carlson: Voted to recall Hot Sulphur mayor

To the Editor:

I have attended the majority of Hot Sulphur Springs town meetings since 2008 because I wanted to know what was going on in my town. Most of the time I was the only citizen in attendance.

I am one of the recall committee of Mayor Deputy because he said on numerous occasions he was going to handle a situation and then never followed through. It has cost the town money and I am tired of the waste.

The Mayor appointed himself over personnel. He gave himself the job as he proclaimed an area of town to each council member as their responsibility without any input. While he has been head of personnel numerous transgressions by the employees (full time and temporary) have taken place over several years with no accountability from the Mayor.

But the employee’s all got substantial pay increases (13 percent to 23 percent!) with no vote from the town board.

At the “meet the Mayor” night when asked about yelling at citizens and calling them trouble-makers, Mayor Deputy in prime politician mode said he did not remember. It was the November 2011 town meeting to help him recall it.

While Mr. Deputy was Mayor we did get a new water plant. We also got new shovels, raspberry bushes and a copier. The waste is terrible and it is the Mayor and the town employees who control what is presented to the board.

Why is the Mayor fighting so hard to keep a volunteer position? I’ve heard it’s the principle of the situation. Why hasn’t he thought about the town?

Friends are not talking to friends. Neighbors are calling each other names, all for a man’s ego. We need someone who will take the reins and get control of the spending and manage the employees in a professional way.

The only good thing that has come out of this situation is more people are attending town meetings. It is a very hostile environment but at least they are showing up. I urge all responsible citizens to vote Yes to recall Mayor Deputy.

As some have questioned if their vote is actually counted in a mail-in-election since their signature is seen (a sorry testimonial to the trust of town employees) do not mail in your ballot, deliver it on Election Day, June 19.

Susan Carlson

Hot Sulphur Springs