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TAC may reevaluate Purple Line

The Winter Park/Fraser Transit Advisory Committee (TAC) met on Jan. 16 in Winter Park to discuss updates and ridership numbers. Winter Park’s Transit Manager Michael Koch gave an update on the buses stating that they have now put wraps on all the buses owned by Winter Park.

Koch said the Town plans to upgrade their membership with the Ride smartphone application that is used to determine exact location of all the buses in the transit system. The upgrade will allow Winter Park to receive reports of ridership tracking so they can determine problem areas in the system in an organized fashion.

Many residents have suggested adding extra busses to accommodate large numbers of riders. At the meeting, Mike Fudge, Manager of First Transit for Winter Park, said he is already short-staffed as it is, so adding any more buses or drives was out of the question. Winter Park contracts First Transit to operate the transit system. Fudge said he has had to drive a bus himself for last few weeks because of the shortage.

Several residents expressed concerns with the Purple Line at the meeting. The Purple line services Safeway, The Timbers, Meadowridge Clubhouse, Wapiti, and Twin Rivers. The line runs hourly with slightly varying schedules between weekends and weekdays.

Several citizens spoke during the public comment period and said they felt the total travel time to Winter Park Resort could be reduced on the Purple Line, and that the line should service riders every half-hour instead of hourly. Koch said the TAC would examine the Purple Line to determine a solution to best fit the needs of the concerned riders. The TAC received several letters expressing gratitude after making adjustments to the Brown and Orange lines in the last few weeks.

Over the holidays, the transit system saw huge ridership with 75,419 riders in just 15 days from Dec. 24, 2016-Jan. 8.

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