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Take a look at rec district budget

Unless you’re one of the Stepfords, without a mind to make up, you’ve asked yourself, “Hmm, Recall? Who’s right? Who’s wrong?”

For a clue, look no further than the online 2008 year-end rec district financials. Try to ignore the fact that they are $54,000 over-budget in wages and pension contributions and bonuses, $54,000 is spit in this budget and no doubt there’s a glib explanation.

Instead, look further down to accounts 9070 where they are $70,000 over-budget in Capital Expenditures and one line down to 9071 to find nothing in Capital Reserves.

That’s the money for replacements and for big-ticket things that break and wear out.

There’s nothing there. Not a penny. When the golf course sprinkler system wears out, the five of them will be standing there with their pockets inside-out and their hands extended palms up to the taxpayers. Oh wait, that sprinkler,system did wear out recently and that’s just how the board reacted. That wouldn’t be prudent management in a donut shop.

Dawn Davidson


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