Talk of the Valley: What’s with the rain? |

Talk of the Valley: What’s with the rain?

Janet Day / Talk of the Valley
Fraser Valley, CO Colorado

Shifting Seasons: That was a nice little touch of fall in the air earlier this week. While I don’t mind wearing fleece with my flip flops, I’m ready for the monsoons to go away and summer to return for several more weeks.

I’m sick of the steady rains and deepening mud. What happened to the more traditional mountain summer thunderstorms that make a lot of noise, dump buckets of rain for about 20 minutes and then move on to the Front Range?

Does the weather mean anything? Some say wet summers portend heavy snowfall in the coming winter. Others say the reverse is true, that the drier the summer, the wetter the winter. The almanacs I checked are mum on the debate.

Even Mother Nature doesn’t seem to know what the winter will bring. What looked like a La Nina pattern building in the Pacific hasn’t fully formed so that forecasters are pulling back earlier predictions of a full-blown La Nina year, which usually means big dumps for the northern Colorado mountains. Instead, forecasters are calling it simply La Nada – or nothing.

Dare I mention that snow sports season opens in about three months? In preparation, Winter Park Resort is paving the entire Vintage parking lot at the top of the Village Cabriolet, making it more attractive and easier to maneuver. I’d love to see them do the same with the North Bench lot and the easily rutted road leading to it, but that’s another project under another budget in another year.

While the joke is that our four seasons are almost-winter, winter, still-winter and construction, we do have four distinctly beautiful seasons in the high country. Celebrate them with the six artists participating in the “Four Seasons of Art” event hosted by Elk Horn Art Gallery. Each artist will be showing four works, one of each season, at the gallery from Aug. 14 to Sept. 6. The artists also will be demonstrating their painting at the Rendezvous Activity Tent or in the gallery next Friday and Saturday, Aug. 13 and 14. For details, go to

Election Returns: Have you voted yet? Please make sure you do. In this country, being able to elect public officials and have a voice in making laws is a right and a privilege. I hear some people say that their vote doesn’t matter or that it’s “just” a primary election, as if it wasn’t real or important.

It is important. Choosing a local office-holder means having a voice in what goes on in our community. And the gubernatorial candidates in both parties have some integrity issues to be considered.

In as less serious election, votes for the Grand Dog continue to come in. This hilarious fundraiser for Grand County Advocates and Grand County Pet Pals has become a huge hit with fans voting for their favorite dog candidates around the county.

So far, one-eyed Riley is the leader, followed by big Bob and little one-toothed Rocky. Others in the running include table-sized Boris, dreadlocked Farfalla, incorrigible Freeta Goodhome, striking Otis, adorable Lily and Rocket J. Squirrel, who recommends to all dogs “if you can’t be with the one you love, lick the one you’re with.”

Their campaign platforms include maturity (Rocky), entrepreneurial spirit (Bob, who has his own line of treats), diversity (Farfalla, who is a black female) and helping the homeless, homeless pets that is (Freeta). To read about the candidates and learn how to cast votes (as many as you want), go to

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